About us


Forget the creation myth, the real story is about Chinkies. He ate his master, turned himself into a meme, and now offers 6969 ownable digital collectibles to join his cult. Don't be a wimp, give up your freedom.

Our Quest

We aim to reward every person on earth for collecting and sharing funny memes

We dream of a universe gathering all memes in one spot. Memes grow beyond viral while their value is shared among all people and communities.

Dream on

Membership Advantages

Stop lurking in the shadows like all the peasants and pledge your loyalty to Chinkies. He'll shower you with more favors, prizes and memes.

Don't be left behind in the dark ages of memes.

Treasure Pass

Chinkies might hide 10% of his Collectibles revenue from his crew. Time to break out the treasure map and steal his loot! But beware, he's got his eye on you!


Exclusive Quests

Ready to be a legend? Exclusive quests are your path to greatness (and epic rewards). It's time to shine, bitch!


Private Events

Metaverse events, IRL parties, memes festivals ... Get ready to have your mind blown.


Early Access

Want to be a part of the cool pups? Don't wait in line with the normies and get early access to our ecosystem.


Beyond Viral

Value, value, everywhere! We make sure everyone gets a share! Our world is like a delicious, meme-flavored cake, and everyone who helps bake it gets a slice.

Tokenomeme isn't just about memes - it's about empowering people. We're creating a space of freedom where memes become movement and communities are the driving force.

We don't just do memes – we do memes right.
Also, fuck you.


You can now register to join the Chinkies party or Mint your own Chinkies!

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